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Get to know the SAP Data Catalog.

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3 Great Reasons
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Up & running in two days

Quick and easy to install,
automatically synchronized with SAP
& with predefined templates

Starting at € 5000

Unbeatable price-performance ratio:
Infinite number of reading users in one license

SAP Champion

Exceeds everything in terms of the level of detail of SAP metadata - but:
Presented in a comprehensible way

What dashboards are available for my topic?

The Enterprise Glossary is your Google for Business Intelligence: Use the simple search to find out which reports already exist for a keyword and get directly to the glossary entries. The glossary entries are automatically created and updated for all existing SAP BW, BO, HANA or SAC objects.

How is my report structured?

Comprehensible SAP metadata creates empowerment: Business departments can use the glossary entries to understand which characteristics and key figures the queries contain, which filters have been set and in which SAC dashboards the query is still being used, without having to wait for IT support.

What are the data sources
of my report?

Is your business intelligence complex? The Data Lineage function of the Enterprise Glossary allows IT and business departments to understand the structure of data models - from the SAC dashboard down to the data source. Visually presented and easy to understand.

What is the formula
behind this key figure?

The Enterprise Glossary not only automatically creates glossary entries for key figures and provides space for technical definitions, it also calculates the formula of calculated key figures. By clicking on the calculation of the formula, calculated key figures can be broken down into their components.

Test the Enterprise Glossary - the choice is yours:

In a test environment

or on your own systems

Just let us know that you are interested and we will provide you with quick and easy access to our Enterprise Glossary test environment. Click through the software on your own and feel free to bombard us with questions.

With our free PoC offer, we will introduce the Enterprise Glossary within your company – it only takes 2 days and is fully customized to your needs. You then have 6 months of free, no-obligation access for your daily work.

View a Recorded Demo

Did we get you curious? If you are interested in seeing the Enterprise Glossary in full color but not live yet, we have recorded a web session here in which our product expert will guide you through the Data Catalog in just 15 minutes.

Support - We are here for you.

Use our Help Desk to get help or suggest features. This will also help us to make our tools as user-friendly as possible. You can also simply book a free web session in our product expert’s calendar – regardless of whether you have already licensed products from us.

Any questions left?

Our brochure already provides answers on the subject of use cases, supported SAP object types, architecture and license model. We are happy to demonstrate everything else in a non-binding web session – simply get in touch using the contact form.

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