Is there already a report on my topic and if so - where can I find it?

In the Enterprise Glossary software, all questions about company KPIs and reports can be answered centrally on a web platform - easily searchable by keyword.

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Umm - Can this report figure be correct?

In the Enterprise Glossary software, all department employees can understand how a key figure is calculated and how it is defined in the company.

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I wonder who can still see through all this..

Let the software Enterprise Glossary show you the reports which evaluate a certain key figure. Or, whether a metric is a component of other metrics. Explore yourself which data sources your dashboard has. Et cetera, et cetera.

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Introducing the SAP Data Catalog

The board meeting is tomorrow – and right now, there’s only question marks instead of finished charts. Isn’t there already a report that covers the fulfillment of that order? If so, where? How does my company define key figure XY? And how is it actually mapped in SAP?

It’s about time departments get some autonomy to answer the questions they have – including the technical ones. After all, both IT and departments benefit from more efficient reporting processes. With the Enterprise Glossary, departments can quickly find and understand all information about reporting in one place – including SAP information!

Your business success depends on the quality
and availability of your data.

No effort.

Find out which reports already exist for a keyword with just a few clicks. The search then takes you to the glossary entries. Here you can understand the business definition and technical info from SAP.

No confusion.

Your business intelligence is complex? Then we' ll provide you with the tool you need to get a clear overview. Let us show you in which reports you can evaluate a key figure. Or whether a key figure is a component of other key figures. Explore independently which data sources your dashboard has. And in which dashboards they are still used. This is how empowerment works.

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Use our help desk if you need help or if you would like to suggest features. This also helps us to make our tools as tailored to your needs as possible. In addition, you can simply book a free web session on our product expert’s calendar – regardless of whether you have already licensed products from us.

Anything else?

We are happy to demonstrate the Enterprise Glossary to you in a web session with no obligation – this allows you to get answers to any questions you may have about functions, requirements, prices and more.

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